High-end boutique music catalog managed by working music editors and supervisors is seeking to add music in various genres. Music must be broadcast quality, though excellent home recordings are acceptable. Seeking the following types of music immediately:


Genre: Hip-Hop

Contemporary hip hop and urban style beats. Styles of hip hop should be in the mainstream rap category, i.e. not gangster, underground, indie, club/techno (nu-hip hop). Think stuff like Scott Storch, Dr. Dre / Snoop Dogg (not overly west-coast vibe though), etc. Some Dirty South type sound might be okay too. The idea is to have beats that have enough motion to move the picture along, without being too distracting to any story/dialogue. Main use of these will as bumpers, segues etc. Think MTV reality TV show for the styles. Lyrics/rapping not needed but if provided an instrumental must be available as well. Cues do not need to be in ‘song’ format, and can be more in the ‘beatstrumental’ category.

Genre: Electronic Action/Hybrid

Intense action music with a strong emphasis on electronics. Up-tempo cues (115-140 BPM) with powerful punchy drums, distorted synths, pulsing elements, dirty guitars, etc. Some orchestra, featured guitar is OK, but the feature should be on the electronic elements and energetic beats. Tracks should have a lot of pace and energy throughout.

Genre: Electronic Hybrid Suspense/Espionage

Pulsing, tense music with a lot of anticipation. This is the kind of music that precedes the action sequence. Think of a spy infiltrating in stealth, or a tense moment before the storm. Can also be in the ‘plotting and planning’, ‘negotiations’ style. Stylistically the music should be hybrid, so orchestral and acoustic elements in combination with synths and electronic drums. Think thriller/spy/heist/military type movies.

Submission Requirements:

Submissions should be in a ‘queue’ style and not follow any song conventions nor trailer music formulas. Please submit mp3 demo’s of songs but be sure to have AIF/WAV available and the ability to send stems if necessary. Composers and musicians from all geographical areas will be considered.


Front-end sync & master license fees will be split 50/50 with writer. Writer will receive 100% of writer’s share back-end performing rights royalties. Songs accepted into catalog will be signed to an exclusive deal; this is not a “re-title” library. So regardless of title, underlying composition/recording cannot be offered through any other publisher or library.


November 10, 2015