Alexander Crammer is currently the full stack web developer at KJEM Consulting, where he began in February 2016. Since Alexander was a young child he had been fascinated by computers, first using his families’ Gateway desktop computer. Alexander started building websites when he was 14 years old, beginning with simpler programs and eventually working with more complex programs. Eventually, he began to realize he wanted to do web- development professionally and continued to gain more knowledge in this space. He now is a highly skilled developer who has programmed an uncountable number of sites for people in addition to being capable of building sites for businesses and working with many programs.

Alexander specializes in web development, the aspect of websites that pertains to coding, database management, asset procurement, asset creation, and other more technical respects. After spending a lot of time on development, he is now branching into web design. What first sparked Alexander’s interest in design was how different a site can make people feel just by aesthetics alone. Also, Alexander feels that design is full of endless possibilities and ways to reach other people, while at the same time bringing people together and this has again fueled that fascination that he discovered when he was little. The idea of bringing everyone in the world together is what constantly powers Alexander’s interest in web design and he has noted that “when computers are fun to use people want to use them, consequently bringing people together from all around the world”.

At KJEM, he is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining web projects. Previously, in October 2015, he was the full stack web and iOS Developer at Origo, Inc. where he developed an iOS application and web site for them. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Development at Full Sail University, which he will receive in July 2016. In the future Alex hopes that he will be able to sustain his knowledge and abilities as a web designer and a developer while furthering his fascination of computers to create something revolutionary and groundbreaking.

To KJEM consulting Alexander is bringing years of experience writing web applications, communicating with others, and experience collaborating with team member. From working with KJEM, Alexander hopes to strengthen his ability to communicate with clients clearly and professionally while also addressing their concerns. He also wants to gain a better understanding of how to best collaborate with other people who may not understand the collaboration tools he is used to. Most of all, he wants to have a hand in creating a lot of websites for clients that he can look back on and be proud of. He also enjoys working with Judia, another web developer at the company, who he worked with prior to KJEM Consulting. His expertise with web technologies and software helps him excel in delivering exactly what clients not only want, but need.