Judia Krakowski is currently a full stack developer at KJEM Consulting, where she is responsible for the designing, developing, and maintaining of the various web projects. She began dealing with computers many years ago in middle school when she learned to type, handle computer programs, and create animations. Before Judia had an interest in web design she was an art enthusiast for many years, which actually ties in with web design. Eventually, Judia got into web design from wanting a website for herself back when websites were new to many people. However, it was too expensive to hire someone and there were no schools to teach web design, so she began teaching herself.

Judia is highly knowledgeable with web design, front-end development and WordPress. From 2011 to 2016, Judia was a full stack developer for Nuova Webs, where she did web design and web development. Previously, she was a full stack developer at Dark Moon Press where she handled editorial design, web design, web development, web maintenance, and content management. From 2007-2012, she was a freelance web designer/developer and did web design, web development, web maintenance, and content management. Previously, in 2006 she was a web designer for The Path, where she did editorial design, web design, web development, web maintenance, and content management.

Since 2014, Judia is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in web design and development from Full Sail University. Although she is in school, Judia has worked on countless web projects and has been in the business for many years, bringing to the table extensive experience possessing business and web knowledge. Also, Judia considers the design process smoother, because she enjoys working with Alexander, another web developer at the company, who she has worked with prior to KJEM.

An interesting and educational learning experience Judia has had programming has been learning the many differences between web design of different societies, cultures, and languages and seeing how those factors influence how the web design develops. Web design indeed has a special place in Judia’s heart and she considers it as a hobby of hers in addition to a career. From working with KJEM Consulting, Judia hopes to keep her skills sharp and get enjoyment doing one of her favorite things, web design, not to mention that she loves watching a client’s reaction to her work.