Taylor Smith is the management assistant with KJEM Consulting. She assists Karen Jones, the CEO of KJEM, with the tasks that have to do with artist management. Taylor has loved listening to music for as long as she could remember and still has her old CD player from when she was little. Also, she can remember being a kid and singing on her karaoke machine while playing her same five CDs over and over again on it. Her CDs included the Michael Jackson’s Bad and Brittany Spears which explains Taylor’s wide range of taste from an early age.

Artist management is a great fit for Taylor being that she is a lover of music across all genres and time periods in addition to singing and songwriting herself. Previously, Taylor was the social media and marketing person for KJEM which she contributed to writing projects for the company while also assisting Karen Jones. The marketing aspect of music appealed to Taylor because she has always been fascinated by how things get promoted and how people find out about it. The most fascinating thing about music to Taylor in her opinion, is how it can make people feel emotions and how there is a song for every mood you can possibly be in. She also feels that music is a universal language that everyone can connect with even if they don’t understand the lyrics.

She is currently a student at the University of Houston majoring in public relations and expects to graduate in 2017. In addition to being a lover of music and business-minded, which explains her interest in music business, she is an organizer who welcomes challenges and enjoys using her creativity to make a difference. In the future, Taylor hopes to have a career in music entrepreneurship besides having success in her musical endeavors.
To KJEM Consulting, Taylor is bringing people skills, a strong work ethic, and a passion for music. From working with KJEM, Taylor hopes to gain invaluable knowledge, contribute to and work on great projects that she can be proud of, while having a hand in the success of its clients. Taylor’s desire to learn and succeed in everything she does is what has been helping her to this point.